800cc Prince Pearl Launched in Pakistan All Details You need before buy

All You Need to Know About Prince Pearl 800cc

Earlier this week social media went ablaze with the news of another 800cc hatchback to be launched in Pakistan soon. Regal Automobiles, country’s third largest motorcycle manufacturers who tied up with DFSK of China to assemble and sell vehicles under ‘Prince’ brand name are in process of launching the Pearl Rex7 hatchback, which will take on the United Bravo in our market.

The leaked images show the exterior and interior of the car which apparently shows a striking resemblance with Changan Benni. A lot of people inboxed us to know more details about the vehicle and its origin in China. Thankfully, CarSpiritPK is the number 1 source of information when it comes to Chinese cars in Pakistan. We leaked all the details about the United Bravo last year when no one even knew anything about it & that post acted as the first source of information for all the portals and video channels of Pakistan. So here we bring you the details regarding the Prince Pearl 800cc hatchback.

As far as the images are concerned, the car looks very much similar to the Changan Benni, in fact the interior is exactly the same as Benni. But in reality the vehicle is not developed by Changan or DFSK for that matter. It should be noted that the Changan Benni acts as a donor model for innumerable Chinese hatchbacks and LSEVs (Low Speed Electric Vehicles) which are sold in second and third tier cities & rural areas of China.


The product that we see here is actually an amusing blend of Changan’s BenBen Mini and Benni. The BenBen Mini by Changan was once the cheapest car in China, that was based on the 7th generation Suzuki Alto. The Benni, is basically the second generation model that is longer, wider and taller than the BenBen Mini and has a bigger wheelbase too with a 1.4 liter engine under its hood. The Prince Pearl if you look closely, is basically a BenBen Mini, with a front fascia and rear-end of Benni.


Its interior however, is exactly the same as Changan Benni with just the difference of the logo on steering wheel. So what car exactly is the Prince Pearl?


Prince DFSK to Launch 800cc Hatchback in Pakistan

Regal Automobiles Industries Ltd, the makers of Prince DFSK vehicles in Pakistan are all set to introduce an 800cc hatchback that will take on the United Bravo in our market.

According to our information the vehicle will come equipped with 4-speed manual transmission, however there will be an automatic transmission variant on offer as well. The vehicle will also offer the same level of equipment as offered with United Bravo.

The 800cc hatchback that will most likely be named as ‘Pearl’ will be launched towards the middle of this year with a price tag under PKR 800,000. The company has already imported few units for trial & testing and is a good position to launch the vehicle in our market in near future.

Regal Automobile Industries and DFSK Group of China had entered into a technical agreement for assembling vehicles under “Prince” brand name. Regal is Pakistan’s third largest bike manufacturers, and their automobile assembly plant has started its operations last year where light commercial vehicles and vans are being made.


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