How To Change Network From Public To Private Windows 10

Are you looking for an easy way to switch from “how to change the network from public to private?”  If you are windows ten users, then there are primary two sets of primarily sharing and security settings. Wireless network and wired are the two settings: public and private. By the name of these two settings, you can easily understand its function. Private networks depict networks that are in offices and home, while the public is libraries, airports, coffee shops, etc. so the difference between these two is very cleat. But the question here is how do the Windows 10 deal private networks and public networks differently? And what are the means by which you can switch between these two networks? Stick to the blog and find out the easy way to change the network from public to private windows 10.

Windows 10 Change Network to Private or Public

If you travel a lot and need to work at the airports, libraries, coffee shops, you need to keep the security of your laptop. If you are window 10 under, you can perform these actions by following these simple steps.



When you open your laptop at a private place and connect to the available network, Windows 10 will ask some questions like “what type of connection or network are they? It will also ask for the type of setting you like to use. If you forget to follow this step for between the work you have changed your mind and want to switch between the private and public settings, then here are guidelines for you. You can adjust the setting whenever you want to. So get ready to find out about this.


Before getting into how to change the network from public to private, let’s learn about private and public network settings in windows 10. You need to understand the difference between these two. How both of them are interfering with your privacy and what is the advantage of private settings over the public. So here we go.


Let’s find out about Windows 10 Private and Public Network

Public network setting on Windows 10.

In general, you can choose a connecting profile to PUBLIC. Remember this public setting is restrictive. In this setting, other gadgets are unable to printers and files on the same network. In short, it offers security to your data files. It is best to switch to a public network setting when using the connection between coffee shops, restaurants, etc.



Private Network setting for windows 10


Talking about a private network setting, you can say that you are working on a reliable network connection. Because neither the public nor your neighbor has access to the private networks and you can work freely on it. The other advantage of using the private network is that you can share videos, files, printers with other laptops on the same network. A private network setting is reliable and secure.


But there are differences in the firewall setting of both networks. By default, private and public, both of these networks have a restricted firewall. But there is an option of customization, and you can customize the setting depending upon the network type.


How to Change The Network From Public to Private or Vice Versa

how to change network from public to private


If you want windows 10 change network to be private or vise versa, then here are the few steps.

First, you need to connect your system to the network. To execute this, you can tick on the NETWORK ICON in the Notification area. Once you click the network icon, you see available networks. Click on your desired network and click on connect to it once you select the network click on PROPERTIES. After clicking on the properties, the window will appear with some options.

change network from public to private windows 10

In this new window, you can see Network Profile. Under the network profile, there are two options.



Choose the option as per your requirements. This changing network from public to private windows 10 is for wireless network


How To Change The Wired Network From Public to Private

windows 10 change network to private

For a wired network, you need to open the start menu. Then go to the setting. In setting tick on Network and Internet. In NETWORK & INTERNET, go to Ethernet then choose the network adapter.

change network from public to private windows 7

Once you choose the network adapter to click on the network private or public.


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