How To Use 5 In 1 Digital Heat Press Machine Share Profit Heat Press Swing Away Hat Press

Today I’m going to show you how to set up and to change the platen for the share prophet he presses I know a lot of people have been asking for tutorials or instructions so  I want to show you how the actual computer works so I’m going to turn it on and it’s going to show you what the temperature is on the top and the time on the bottom now you have these buttons on the bottom and one is a mode button when I push mode this number that comes up first is the lower of the threshold.

For example, if you wanted to and I’m not sure why you would but if you wanted your lower temperature to be 370 and your higher temperature to be 380 this is how you would do it so the first time you push it is the lower number the second time you push it is the highest that you want it and then when you push it a third time your timer one thing to keep in mind is that when you push it once this first temperature cannot be higher than your second one so right now I have them both set at 370 so if I was to start this it would not allow me to go any higher because my highest setting is 370so in other words when you start this is the lowest that you want it you press it again this is the highest you want it and then the timer so let’s say this is set kind of high.

So let me set it to what I would normally set it for easy weed so I can either push it down one at a time or hold it and when I hold it’ll go quicker so lets at this let’s hit this to 3:05 I press it again now I set that to 3:05 push it again I want 12 set 12 ml 12 seconds probably so I’m moving to 12 and now my heat presses set if I wanted it to be 320 it won’t let me because my upper range is also set to 305.

so let me push that again and move that to 320 I’ll go through them again I want it to stay the same now that completes it so let me go back and set my original threshold which is the bottom number also to 320 and now when I push it again this is the upper range and the time and now this number will just continually grow or increase until it reaches the now 320 that I have it set and this is a swing-away heat press which means that it does swing out of the way so you can put your material down your shirt or whatnot and then slide it back.


This handle presses it on this handle up here if you rotate it clockwise it increases the pressure if you counterclockwise it decreases pressure there’s a knob in the back of the machine if you loosen it allows the machine to swivel if you tighten it the machine can’t swim or I’m also going to show you how to take off the platen in case you wanted to put the Hat press or something else on it first off in order to remove the top platen there are these two screws.

I’ll show you an aerial view so that you’re able to see what that looks like and basically, you’re just going to reach unloose or loosen those just a little bit and then you can just slide this right off so let me show you that you can’t quite see them but there are two screws right through those two holes and if you just use a Phillips screwdriver and loosen those ever so slightly you’ll able to loosen those and the top platen will slide right off okay now that I’ve loosened those screws the top platen will slide right off and there we go the only thing to remember now is to remove it from the gear NASA just unscrewing the cable here

So I can click this outside and now let’s remove the bottom platen now to remove the bottom platen there are about four wing nuts that are under here that are holding it in place so simply all I have to do is unscrew those and the bottom platen will come right off and now I’ve removed the bottom platens now let’s say I want to do a hat and I want to install the Hat pieces all I’m simply going to do is put this on the bottom insert my wing nuts.

Nowhere is two screws and make sure the cable goes to the back and I’m just going to put the screws into the notch and slide it back and then I’m going to go through the hole up hit the top and just tighten those just a little bit so they stay into place and now that’s in place now I’m going to connect my cord tighten it and now I have the hat press I want to remove the hat press simply remove the screws remember going to plug it and my screws remove my wingnuts and now I could just reassemble it the way that it was installed my wing nuts on the bottom tighten the screw on top and there you have it put back together don’t forget to attach of course there you go

I’m Josh Ellsworth and today I want to give you five tips for creating the perfect press with your A2Z heat-press let’s go step number one is set your temperature correctly each heat transfer comes with a temperature that you need to set your control board for reading our training articles to figure out how to adjust your temperature but make sure it’s set exactly to the instructions tip number two make sure your time is accurate.

I know this sounds basic but a lot of people shortchange the time or leave it on there way too long make sure you set the time for exactly what the transfer calls for that’s going to give you accuracy tips number three and four go together it’s all about achieving accurate pressure this is the most missed item when decorating t-shirts with a heat press people always get it wrong and that’s because they don’t start with their item flat so your A2Z heat press has what’s called a smith readable design that allows you to split your item open to be able to load it on to the bottom of the press and to be able to get any seams zippers buckles any obstructions out of the way.

So your print location is completely flat now not every item is constructed in a way that allows you to get it flat so we do have tools to help you with the job whether that’s a Print Perfect Pad, ahead Printing Pillow, or having an Interchangeable Platen there’s a way to get every item flat on the A2Z heat press once your items are flat then it’s all about setting your pressure correctly and to do that you have to feel for it the A2Z heat press does have a pressure adjustment knob that allows you to increase the pressure by turning it clockwise or decrease by turning it counterclockwise load your item.

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