Huawei P40 Pro 2020: Release Date, Space, Price, News & Information

The huawei p40 pro launch has been confirmed by their CEO and I’ll be sharing all the details, so leaks are beginning to come in for the huawei p40 pro we’ve had news of great specs of graphene battery and a few confirmations from the CEO including the launch date Richard you stated in an interview in Shenzhen that the Huawei P40 Pro is going to be launched at the end of March and an event in Paris

he advised that the Huawei P40 Pro is going to benefit from a new never seen design alongside improved photography capabilities and better performance of course this was always expected considering it is their latest flagship Richard also confirmed that the Huawei P40 Pro is going to be running Android 10 based on emui at which is of course at their own custom firmware


the mate 30 was released in limited markets but the CEO has confirmed that the P40 Pro will be a global launch through all of their usual distributes channels operators and resellers new leaks have revealed that the huawei p40 pro is going to be coming with a 6.5 inch waterfall display it will of course be an OLED display or with a quad HD plus resolution and a 120 Hertz refresh rate it’s reportedly gonna have a screen to body ratio of roughly 98% we’re expecting a pill shape punch hole camera for the selfies

this is reportedly going to include an ultra-wide lens along with the primary shooter when it comes to the rear cameras were expecting a Penta camera set up on the huawei p40 pro and it will of course be like a although reports are suggesting that the primary camera may actually be different and use a 64 megapixel Sony imx686 and this has optical image stabilization and ryyb camara arrangements

we’re also expecting a 20 megapixel ultra wide lens a 12 megapixel periscope lens a macro lens along with the 3d time-of-flight depth sensor the phone is going to be powered by the latest Kirin 990 system-on-chip which is 5G compatible and we’ll likely see a choice of 8 or 10 gigs of ram coupled with the usual storage options of 128 256 or 512 gigabytes

it’s no doubt going to be using UFS 3.0 and support for expandable storage via the nano card one of the most interesting leaks for the huawei p40 pro is the news of a graphene battery being used in the device not only does the report state the graphene batteries going to be used in the Huawei P40 pro but it also advises the battery capacity is gonna be a huge 5500 milliamp hour battery with support for 50 watt rapid charging

this will be able to charge the Huawei P40 pro from empty to 100% in
just 45 minutes graphene batteries that bring many improvements over lithium and what we hear this news quite often we can only hope it’s true this time round the Huawei P40 pro is going to be powered up by Android 10 based on highways emui firmware well there were initially rumors of the phone coming with a dual boot OS this will not be the case the huawei p40 pro will come with Android 10 only and the CEO confirmed it’s gonna be running quarries mobile services which will apparently be ready by the time the p40 pro is released

while these mobile services are basically an app suite similar to the Google Play apps but of course quarries own what many people require Gmail if far we make an app that can access Gmail through their client and I can’t see this being an issue we’re unsure of what their App Store will be but there are also many alternative app stores on the market there are however alternative ways to install Google services on a huawei device

there were hopes of the Huawei p40 Pro coming bundled with Google
services but this seems unlikely given the rising tensions between Huawei and USA many US companies have continued to sell to Huawei after the blacklisting due to a rule that limits government’s ability to restrict exports

this is because certain products are exempt and if a company can prove that 75% of the work to create the item happened overseas then the rule does not apply a report came in this morning that states the administration is actually considering raising this threshold to 90% and increasing the list of products that are included apparently


these changes could come in as soon as January 2020 this is bad news for huawei and of course the p40 Pro the government in Beijing has already threatened to retaliate against companies that stop supporting Huawei so things could continue to get much worse not only is it bad news for quawi but it’s also bad news for the US companies that have their exports restricted and it only really harms the growth in the communication industry but it doesn’t mean that they still can’t arrange a new trade deal given these growing tensions it could put consumers off purchasing the new Huawei p40 and the Huawei p40 Pro considering things are becoming more and more difficult for the company so far they’ve persevered and continued to produce their incredible devices

but at some point this may become too difficult of course if any more news arises I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away!

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