Huawei Phone Mate 20 SmartPhone Review

Huawei Phone Mate 20 SmartPhone Review

Huawei Phone Mate 20 SmartPhone or Huawei Mate 20 Pro? That’s one very reasonable catch 22 situation, but you do not have lots of a desire, do you? If you’re fortunate to live in one of the few markets wherein each phone are to be had, then you can shop a few cash by using getting the everyday Mate 20. But it’s far one strange alternate-off with some ordinary profits and losses. Let’s discover if this is a deal really worth making.

He Mate 20 is indeed the oddball on this duo. It has loaded in not unusual with the Pro, however, it also adjustments a number of the key factor of the phablet. The screen is bigger with a tiny droplet notch, but an LCD one with the lower decision and without and curves. The frame isn’t water-resistant but has an audio jack and a proper bottom speaker. And the primary digicam even as still triple is completely one-of-a-kind.

The Mate 20 lacks the new 40W SuperCharge and is stripped of all wi-fi charging capabilities, however, it nevertheless can do 22.5W SuperCharge. It additionally loses the superior face free up, and the below-show fingerprint scanner, but gets the fan-favored blazing-rapid reader on the back.


The principal digital camera is the function to raise the biggest worries. It’s still a triple one, however with different sensors, lenses, and there’s no optical stabilization to be discovered. The Night Mode is a gift though, so the Mate 20 is retaining its cool underneath low-mild.

The Huawei Mate 20 is packed in a rather compact paper field, however, do not let the looks idiot you – it’s complete of goodies. The retail package deal contains a fat 22.5W charger and a changed USB-C cable – you want both for Super Charge to paintings.

Just just like the Mate 20 Pro, a number of the Mate 20 retail containers include a transparent case – which passed off to be found in our reviewer’s package. Not all European markets have become a case, and regardless of the purpose might be, we aren’t glad about this weird segmentation.

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