Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatch Review

Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatch Review

Sales of smartwatches haven’t quite taken off inside the way producers might have liked them to, however, google, apple and a host of 0.33-party producers keep plugging away, no matter all that. Huawei is amongst the ones nonetheless sport, evidence of which is found in its state-of-the-art android put on a smartwatch – the Huawei watch 2.

Introduced along with the p10 and p10 plus smartphones at 2017’s mwc technology show, the Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatch is available in a fitness-oriented “game” model and a greater elegant conventional variant. Both watches have largely the identical middle feature set, but with a few key variations.

The classic has a stainless-steel frame and springs with a leather strap, while the standard, sporty version has a plastic frame and strap with a ceramic bezel and stainless rear, and adds the option of 4g connectivity.


Each the Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatch conventional and sport have a barely bulky design and I locate it bizarre that Huawei hasn’t protected a rotating bezel or crown, as an alternative offering two push buttons on the right-hand fringe of the watch casing. It’s a barely bizarre layout preference from the Chinese producer for the reason that the android wear 2 interface has mainly designed with this sort of hardware in thoughts.

Still, watch 2 is appealing to take a look at. The watch 2 conventional is the exceptional-searching variation, all encased in brushed chrome steel, but I actually have a smooth spot for the sports activities version’s glossy black ceramic bezel. There’s something brooding and high-tech about it that the same old watch simply doesn’t have.

I do locate the watch 2 a touch cumbersome, even though. In spite of being lightweight at handiest 40g for the sport and 47g for the traditional (without straps), the Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatchis 12.6mm thick and it looks cumbersome on my wrist.

And the straps don’t appearance tremendous both. There are numerous special colorations to be had – dynamic orange (4g), carbon black (4g and no-4g), concrete gray (no-4g), while the traditional comes with titanium gray (no-4g) – but whichever you pick out, the textured plastic doesn’t appear very satisfactory.

Some other surprising layout desire by means of Huawei was to lessen the visible display length from 1.4in down to 1.2in within the watch 2. It’s a small difference, however important if you compare the 2 versions together.

Functions, display, and specifications

The headline feature undoubtedly is the watch 2 sport’s capability to paintings independently, without the want of a smartphone. Every model of the watch has GPS, so you can pass on a run and have it song your tempo and region appropriately, but the 4g facility is the cherry at the cake right here, permitting you to area smartphone calls and respond to textual content messages, too.

You want to put in a nano-sim card within the tray under the lowest strap attachment, but once you’ve achieved that, you could use the watch’s integrated microphone and speaker to dial out and solution calls, at the same time as android wear 2’s new clever replies, dictation and onscreen keyboard can help you answer and send texts without delay from the watch face.

To be honest, I’m now not absolutely positive why you’d want to answer the cellphone even as you’re out on your each day run, but as a minimum, there’s the option. And in case you don’t assume you want or want the 4g connectivity, the no-4g model is inexpensive and gives the entirety else you want for health tracking, with integrated GPS and a coronary heart-price reveal to keep tabs for your ticker.

And there’s plenty to like approximately the rest of the specification as nicely. Both variants have around 1.2in, 390 x 390 AMOLED show with an ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness routinely. This display is sharp and colorful – it’s just a disgrace Huawei’s inventory faces are so unsophisticated in look.

Each variation is powered with the aid of the new 1.1ghz snapdragon wear 2100 processor – Qualcomm’s first dedicated wearables chip – and each has 768mb of ram, which is lots for a smartwatch.

There’s additionally 4gb of inner storage so that you can store track at the watch and concentrate at once thru Bluetooth headphones, NFC so that you can use android payout of your wrist and, possibly maximum important of all, a large 420mah battery – delivering a 40% boom in potential over the primary-era Huawei watch.

Universal, I used to be thrilled with the overall performance of the hardware. The display screen is shiny and sharp while you need it to be and it dims to a degree where it doesn’t blind you within the middle of the night. And, largely, it’s a responsive tool to swipe your manner round. It’s liable to the unusual pause and postpone right here and there, even though, something I’m hoping a firmware update will remedy in time.
Battery lifestyles are first-rate, although. It isn’t pretty as appropriate as the Samsung equipment s3, which lasted two to three days in regular use, but I found that by disabling wi-fi and sticking just to Bluetooth, it would closing operating days effortlessly. It didn’t pretty stretch to a complete 48 hours, and permitting 4g dropped the battery lifestyles to around an afternoon, however, the watch’s extremely-battery-saving mode, which disables all functions other than step counting and the watch face, will get you to the quit of the day however lengthy is left of it.

Competition and Price

Firstly reviewed at £329 and £379 respectively, the no-4g recreation is now available from amazon for £251 and the 4g version now prices £319. Both the sports watches and the £359 (once £409) conventional variation are to be had via select stores.

Android Wear 2

The smaller screen additionally puts a bit of dampener at the Huawei watch’s subsequent excellent feature: android wears 2. That’s due to the fact amongst wear 2’s first-class new features is an onscreen keyboard that lets in you to swipe out phrases, much like you do on your cellphone.

In widespread, I’ve been impressed by way of android wear 2’s ease of use and accessibility. It’s lots extra intuitive to use than the preceding version, and it’s incredibly easy to understand how matters work.

Its largest update, but, is standalone apps. The concept right here is that by using putting in a few to the watch without delay, you’ll be able to use the watch on its personal without the need for a paired phone at all. As an instance, you’d be capable of concentrate on your online playlists or get your email even in case you left your phone at domestic. Beneficial if you own the 4g model of the Huawei watch 2, or for iPhone proprietors who need to use something other than an apple watch.

This won’t make its presence felt full, but, till extra developers begin producing apps that may be downloaded and set up regionally. Even as the Huawei health app labored on the watch without a smartphone present, and I was able to set up google maps to a neighborhood garage and use it for guidelines, Spotify refused to paintings without my telephone being gift and Gmail couldn’t be established without delay, either.

One thing in order to make an impact from the off is the manner android wear 2 now supports android payout of your wrist. When you’ve set this up and authenticated the watch, you could access the function with a double-press of the bottom side button. I discovered this worked, however, became a little sluggish at the uptake, specifically in comparison to apple pay on the apple watch. It took a bit longer than I’d like to study at contactless charge terminals. I additionally discovered it to freeze every now and then, making it slightly irritating to need to re-launch the app.

I additionally love the google assistant implementation in android put on 2. Especially, it appears a long way more responsive than the voice recognition on the previous android put on smartwatches I’ve worn, and the dictation characteristic, which may be used in preference to the keyboard characteristic for replying to and writing texts and other messages, works truly fantastically for the maximum part.

Fitness Features

Notwithstanding having an onboard GPS and coronary heart-rate monitor, health is an area in which I’m not completely satisfied via the Huawei Watch 2 SmartWatch. It comes with its personal Huawei-branded fitness app that offers the entirety from schooling plans to on-watch guided workouts. It tracks all varieties of metrics, shows a neat graph at the watch itself of your coronary heart price in the course of workout and estimated vo2 potential (amongst different matters), and it works nicely together with the watch’s coronary heart-rate reveal and GPS sensor.

However, for all its fancy capabilities, I discovered the Huawei health app misses out one key component: it doesn’t make any attempt to auto-discover health sports. Even as this isn’t a hassle if you’re planning on using it to go running with, as that’s a distinct and without difficulty defined pastime, you need activity consisting of brisk walks to be detected without intervention, since you don’t constantly understand whilst a mild walk will turn into something greater disturbing.

I regularly determined myself starting a walking activity the use of the Huawei fitness app, however then forgetting to terminate the consultation and best putting a prevent to monitoring hours later. That has obvious implications for battery existence, but it’s also not exceptional if you need to gather a greater distinctive photo of your usual fitness and hobby. This is why I currently price the Samsung equipment s3 as a higher smartwatch for typical health monitoring.


There are some irritations, then, with the Huawei watch 2, but in fashionable, I love it. The battery lifestyles are good, I just like the appearance of both editions, and it’s packed with all of the sensors you may possibly need.

Android wear 2 makes it simple to use and adds the capability to apply android pay, and despite the weaknesses of the Huawei wear app, it is surely a boon so as to reduce free from your cellphone and pass on a run without it.

The handiest fly within the ointment is the price. At £329 for the no-4g sports activities version, £379 for the 4g sports activities watch and £409 for the conventional, it is a little steeply-priced for a smartwatch.


  • Respectable battery lifestyles
  • Filled with sensors
  • Android wear 2


  • Pricey
  • The plastic strap seems nasty

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