Huawei Watch GT SmartWatch Review

HUAWEI Watch GT SmartWatch Review

A smartwatch in the usual design is not equipped with well-made software for regular sports. Good combinations of both are usually expensive and equipped with features that most people simply do not need. In this light, the new Huawei Watch GT SmartWatch looks quite good, as they offer their users a stylish look, good software for tracking daily activity, and their value is not exorbitant.


The editorial office was visited pre-sample without a complete set, so I can only tell about the charger. This is a small circle with a thickness of 1 cm and a Type-C connector for connecting the cable. The device itself is attached to the clock with the help of a magnet and will not exactly take up much space in the bag.



The Huawei Watch GT SmartWatch is not the case when the watches declare their destination with their appearance. They are stylish, beautiful and do not look big. Yes, thanks to the black screen in standby mode, you immediately understand that you are dealing with a smartwatch.
But, fortunately, Huawei Watch GT SmartWatch doesn’t hint that you run an ultra-marathon tomorrow. Therefore, they are perfect for any clothes and any occasion. On sale, there are two versions of the watch – sporty black with a rubber strap, as on the test, and silver with brown.
Hours look and feel expensive even in hands, the benefit of materials too did not pump up. The bezel is made of ceramic, the main part of the case is steel, and the bottom cover is plastic. The build quality is excellent, the materials also turned out to be quite practical. For two weeks I wore watches daily for 23 hours a day, ran into them, took a shower and not much of their shore. As a result – not a single scratch or scuff.


The watch case is well protected from moisture, you can swim and dive into the water to a depth of 50 meters. The thickness of the case is 10.6 mm, it does not feel bulky and does not cling to the cuffs of clothing.



Fortunately, the Watch GT is equipped with a standard strap with a width of 22 mm, and without any problems, it can be changed to any other, thanks to the usual watch mounts. The strap is designed for wrists with a girth of 140 to 210 mm, it has a sufficient number of holes for comfortable fixation.
The strap itself is soft, comfortable, even when tightened. It does not cause discomfort either during daily wear, or during sleep, or during sports. The surface of the strap is smooth, it does not cling to clothes, but still collects some amount of dust on itself.


Huawei Watch GT SmartWatch is equipped with around 1.39-inch AMOLED display. In combination with a resolution of 454×454, this gives a density of 326 pixels per inch. The picture was very juicy, contrasting and clear. The manufacturer has provided more than a dozen beautiful dials that look great on this display.
Maximum viewing angles, the image can be seen from any angle. The only drawback is visibility in the sun. Indirect sunlight, the display is completely blind and something impossible to disassemble on it, you have to turn away and look for a more convenient perspective. This is probably his only drawback.



Watch GT is the company’s first watch not on the Wear OS, but on its own design called “LiteOS”. Replacing the software was associated with the desire to increase autonomy and, in general, it turned out. True, some functions that could be here were sacrificed. For example, control the music or listening to it directly from the clock. Although, it is possible that they will be added in future updates. There is hope for this since in two weeks of use I received two OS updates, each of which noticeably fixed the bugs, interface speed, and functionality. In principle, out of the box, there is already everything you need. Watches can track your physical activity for a day, sleep quality, display notifications of calls and messages, and also be a sports watch. The bonus is the presence of a timer, alarm clock,
For all the above possibilities, the watch is equipped with a good set of sensors. The watch has assets: a barometer, an altimeter, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and an optical heart rate monitor. Bluetooth is provided for connecting to a smartphone. Wi-Fi and NFC not.



To control the clock is provided not only with the touch screen but also two additional buttons on the right. By pressing the upper button, we get to the main menu of the main functions, and the lower – to the sport menu, where the diary and types of training are located.
In standby mode, the clock display is turned off, but you can turn it on with a standard time viewing gesture or by pressing one of the buttons. The gesture works correctly, the display lights up quickly, there were no random inclusions. Moreover, I noticed that in the running mode, the watch is even more sensitive to turning the hand. In my opinion, this is a plus, as a fairly easy rotation of the wrist and the screen turns on instantly and shows all the information needed at the moment.
In order to avoid false clicks, the possibility of blocking the display is provided, and it will not be superfluous, because, in water, an unlocked screen behaves inadequately. By the way, it is worth considering the fact that the screen does not respond to pressing in gloves. That is, you can view the time or indicators during the run, but you cannot perform any additional actions with gloved hands, except for those functions for which the buttons are responsible. In principle, while jogging is not a problem since it can be started and completed using buttons.



To set the clock uses the same application. It is Russified and has a pleasant and intuitive interface. There is support for iOS and Android. The application collects all the information received from the clock: sleep, pulse, steps, workout. Also, the application is used to configure additional functions, for example, the upper limit of the pulse for both the resting state and during sports. It is possible to periodically remind you to get up. Their training results and data on physical activity can be downloaded to other applications, among which, so far there is Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Jawbone.
We should also mention the collection of data about your sleep. To implement this functionality, HUAWEI collaborated with Harvard Medical School. The clock collects data on the time spent in the deep and light phases of sleep, and in the application in the morning, you will see an analysis of sleep quality with subsequent tips for improving it. The clock awakens its user with vibration, it is strong and hard not to feel.
There is a smart alarm function, it is implemented as follows: you set the interval before the alarm signal, during which you would like to wake up, provided you are in a light phase of sleep and the clock will wake you approximately in this interval. This is in theory, in practice, so far, the clock has always woken up exactly during the beginning of the time interval and often fell into the deep phase of sleep. Probably, this functionality will be improved in the future, but the fact that it already exists is a definite plus.



Watch GT can display notifications about incoming messages from selected applications, as well as calls. In messages, you can see the name of the person and the text message. Photos and other attachments in messages are not displayed. At the time of the incoming call, you can see the name of the caller and reject the call.


Sports functionality

Watch GT is well suited to the role of sports watches for amateur athletes. The list of supported activities include running in open space and indoors, swimming and cycling. The search for satellites before jogging is performed relatively quickly in the conditions of the central regions of Kyiv with dense buildings, this time also depends on the number of trees above the head. In the Health app, there are training programs for preparing for the races, from 5 km to the marathon. Also, you can use your smartphone as a GPS receiver, and the watch will only be a heart monitor during a run.
In running mode, you can use all kinds of indicators: pace, pulse, distance, time, cadence, rise, average pace, and the relative measure of the severity of the workout (training effect). After running, based on the data obtained during the watch, your watch calculates your maximum oxygen consumption (VO2Max) and the estimated recovery time.
GPS tracking accuracy can be called good, but not great – on narrow streets, the clocks sometimes lost contact with the satellites, as a result of which the track was not always accurate and my route passed through the houses, which actually was not. But, there is hope that this will be fixed in subsequent firmware.
There are no complaints about the work of the heart rate monitor during jogging and in everyday life, everything approximately coincides with the sports watch at a higher level. Information about the possibility of connecting external sensors to Watch GT yet. This possibility will not be superfluous, because in water the optical heart rate monitor cannot track your heart rate. In the sports menu, there is a free mode, when the clock simply plays the role of a heart monitor. This is a good option for practicing with the burdening or other activity, but here a chest heart rate monitor would not hurt, because, during pieces of training with iron, the optical sensor cannot monitor your pulse correctly. This disadvantage is not hours, but the fundamental problem of photoplethysmography technology, on the basis of which such sensors work.



This parameter is clearly the advantage and competitive advantage of Watch GT over most competitors. Huawei claims 2 weeks of battery life from a single charge with constantly activated pulse monitoring and 1.5 hours of training. My use pattern included approximately 2 hours of workouts per week, pulse monitoring, automatic display brightness and a large number of incoming notifications. In this mode, the clock has reached 20% in 10 days. The average battery consumption per day, in the absence of workouts, is about 6-8% and this is pretty good. The discharge rate strongly depends on the frequency of use of the display, but, nevertheless, the stated two weeks of work is almost a reality.
In the mode of jogging with GPS, the clock consumes about 10% of the charge per hour with periodic switching on the display. This is a good indicator, but at this pace, the clock is unlikely to survive the stated 22 hours in GPS mode with the display on. The watch is fully charged in 2 hours.


The smartwatch Huawei Watch GT turned out to be a good fitness tracker and quite good smartwatches. They combine a nice appearance, smart software for sports at the amateur level and good autonomy. In this case, you do not need to give a cost comparable to the flagship smartphone and charge a gadget every day for such a set of functions. The watch has everything you need to track a variety of physical activities. Watch GT is not intended for hardcore triathletes. No, their audience is people who care about their health, they are interested in their progress and, at the same time, they need an accessory for every day and for any clothes. That is exactly what HUAWEI Watch GT is, combining both sport and style.


Design, display, sports functionality, price, autonomy.

ConsNo NFC, music control, display visibility in the sun.

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