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Laptop Buying Guide 2019 .

Laptops are becoming more and more popular. It is because we can do almost all the thing on a laptop which can be done on a desktop and laptops are potable and good looking. But due to a lots of options available in market we are unable to decide which one to pick. If we pick a wrong, outdated laptop then we are going to regret for that for many years. So here is laptop buying guide 2019.

Tip 1-> Look for the Processor

  • Its brand, like INTEL or AMD. Both the brands very good and will provide good performance. Although most of people prefer INTEL but they cost more while AMD provides better value for money. But Processor brands don’t make much difference.
  • Its generation like if you choose an Intel processor it must of 4th generation based on Has well architectures and if you are reading this post after mid of 2015 the you should look for 5th generation processors based on Broad well architectures.
  • Number of cores, in today’s date a processor should be at least Quad core.
  • Its frequency, higher frequency results in higher performance. Frequency can vary from 1 GHz 5+ GHz. You should look for processor having frequency at least 1,6 or higher.
  • Its cache memory. It is the fastest memory in any computer system. Its depend on the processor. More cache memory results in more performance. Cache memory may vary from 1 MB to 24 Mb and more. You should look for at least 2 MB cache memory.
  • i know that all this information will be difficult to understand so just click on this link to compare any two cups.

Tip 2-> if you are going tom play game then you must look for a good graphics processor.

  • Look for GPU’s brand. The three major brands are Nvidia, AMD and Intel. All these are very good buy while considering it must be Nvidia then AMD then Intel. But as earlier brand is not a very major factor you can go for any brand between Nvidia and AMD.
  • Look for GPU dedicated memory. It should be at least 2 GB and more.
  • Look for the type of memory, its DDR3 OR DDR5. DDR5 is Twice as faster then DDR3 so 2 GB DDR3=1 GB DDR5.
  • i know that all this information will be difficult to understand so just click on this link to compare any two GPU’s.

Tip 3-> Look for Memory (RAM)

  • Ram memory should be at least of 4 GB.
  • Ram is not a major factor as it can be upgraded easily in future if required.

Tip 4-> Look for Hard Disk Capacity.

  • 500 GB will be fine. But you play a lot of games then 1 TB will be enough.
  • Try looking for a SSD if possible because it is much faster than HDD.
  • And like ram it can also be upgraded in future.

Tip 5-> Look for the Operating System You are Getting.

  • Look for the pre installed operating system that you are getting like DOS, WINDOWS, MAC or UBUNTU.
  • Try considering dos if you can arrange OS because it will save your money up to Rs 4000.
  • Choose from WINDOWS, MAC or UBUNTU as per your requirements.

Tip 6-> Look for the Laptop Screen.

  • The Screen must be an LED Type and its resolution must be equal to or higher than 1366 x 768.
  • Higher resolution will result in better and sharp picture quality.
  • Try getting an laptop which supports a touch screen as all new operating systems are getting optimized for a touch devices.

Tip 7-> Look for All Essential Connectivity Options.

  • like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN PORT and other wireless devices like WIFI and Bluetooth.

Tip 8-> Look for the Type of Keyboard and Touch Pad You Getting.

  • A keyboard with a numeric pad is better than a keyboard without a separate numeric keyboard.
  • Try getting a keyboard with back light, which will be very helpful if you use your laptop in dark places or at night.
  • The touch pad must support multi-touch and should be comfortable while using.

Tip 9-> Look for Battery Backup.

  • As you are buying a laptop then battery backup is also important.
  • A laptop with average of 4 hours of backup on lite usage is considered as good.

 Tip 10-> In Laptop Buying Guide You can Look for the Laptop Brand.

  • Laptop Brand matters a lot, because they will be providing service to you if you have any problem in your laptop.
  • I myself prefer brands like HP, DELL and LENOVO.

You can better judge laptop buying guide. 

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