latest office 365 updates 2020?

I’m gonna pass you over to Matt from collaboration coach Who’s gonna dive into some of the latest office 365 updates?

Including the PowerPoint live new features also talking through Microsoft teams and Microsoft, SharePoint So if you’re a Microsoft 365 fanboy or you’re just someone that uses it for work. This should give you a fantastic Roundup, so I’ll pass you over into the capable hands of the map from collaboration coach Paulo key productive, it’s Matt from collaboration coach.

I’ve got some new features from office 365 to show you some from SharePoint and others from teams And if you like the video then check out the collaboration coach channel on YouTube where we’ve got some more videos on Team SharePoint outlook and lots of other Microsoft apps and services.

We’re going to look at PowerPoint live the new review mode in Microsoft Word then in SharePoint We’re going to look at how to create a list from Excel data and the new stock images from teams.

We’re going to look at the new razor hand feature how the video layout changes are gonna look how to download a participant report and Then how to share audio in a team’s live event Live presentations in PowerPoint will let you share a slide presentation over the web there will be a new present live button on the slideshow ribbon and you’ll be able to present to people in your organization or Publicly to anyone with the link to the presentation Your audience can follow your presentation on any device and they can choose to see a live transcription and a real-time translation of what you say in 60 different languages

They can also navigate between the slides on their own and they can send you feedback during the session This is coming to targeted users in May and then standard users by the end of June Soon you’ll be able to share a Word document in review mode This will give owners of files more control over edits by limiting what the viewer can do in the document When the viewer edits they can only add comments and leave tracked changes. So only the owner can approve or reject them You can set this mode when you share the document.

This should be available to everyone by the end of May Microsoft are adding the ability to create a chef when lists from an Excel spreadsheet This used to be a feature in SharePoint But was never added to modern lists until now when you create your list You’ll be able to choose this from Excel button to import your spreadsheet So your new list will be based on the columns and data in the spreadsheet So this feature is rolling out now and will be complete by July Anyone with permission to author modern pages in SharePoint should soon see a stock images tab in the file picker

Where ever you can add an image? This will give access to a library of stock images to use what authoring pages and news This feature should be available to everyone by the end of May So let’s move on to teams and we have a bunch of new features for meetings. First of all The new raise hand feature in teams should make it easier to actively participate in a meeting it allows meeting attendees to indicate that they wish to speak by toggling a little hand icon in the meeting control bar an Icon would then appear next to their name in the people view and on their profile picture or video in the main meeting stage Participants can then lower their hand and any presenter can lower participants hands as well so raise hand will be available for PC Mac and web clients and Then support for mobile apps will follow later and this feature should be available to everyone by the end of May

The number of video streams viewable at once in a team meeting will soon be increased from four to nine Microsoft have also hinted that they plan to increase that to even more in the future Participants sharing video will be prioritized and shown on the meeting stage. Those only sharing their audio will be shown below So this feature should be available to everyone by the end of May Next meeting organizers, especially teachers Often need to know whose joint their team’s meetings

Soon you’ll be able to download a participant report from the people view that includes join and leave times for participants This feature is only available while the meeting is active and will be switched off by default So it will need to be switched on by your administrator with PowerShell This should be available to everyone with teams on Mac Windows and the web by the end of May So this is one that I’ve been waiting for because so far we’ve not been able to share computer audio in live events Presentations that means that if you share a video during a presentation the audience can’t hear the sound

Now sharing computer audio is being added to live events this feature will work just like the sharing computer audio feature in Microsoft teams meetings does already And once enabled any audio that’s playing on the presenters computer can be shared for all the participants to hear So this feature will only be available for presenters and producers of a live event when they join from the Windows desktop team’s client This feature should be available to everyone by the end of May Ok, so that’s a lot. Thank you so much for watching. Remember to check out the collaboration coach channel for more videos just like these You