Panasonic Lumix GH4 Camera Review

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Camera Review

We’re big lovers of the Panasonic Lumix gh3. This micro 4 thirds digital camera had the controls and handling of a professional digicam, mixed with brilliant image satisfactory. We were excited to see what Panasonic ought to muster for its comply with-up, the gh4.


Whilst we had been waiting for the Panasonic Lumix gh4 to make upgrades and tweaks to the gh3. The creation of a 4k video taking pictures mode instead took us with the aid of wonder. With this mode, the gh4 is asking like an amazing contender to be the correct fanatic video and stills digital camera.

4k Shooting

The capacity to shoot 4k video genuinely is the stand-out characteristic at the gh4. The best news is that it is proper 4k, with the gh4 able to shoot at the 4k cinema resolution of four,096×2, a hundred and sixty at 24p. It additionally helps the tv ultra HD popular of three,840×2, one hundred sixty at 24p, 25p and 30p.

One difficulty changed into that the digital camera would use a low bit price which will preserve record sizes down, but it is secure to say that this isn’t always the case and the gh4 can shoot 4k video at a brilliant 100mbit/s. We’ve seen test pictures shot at the digital camera and, even as this kind of footage is constantly shot to make the digicam appearance as top as possible, we’ve to say that it looked first-rate. For 1080p video you may pass even similarly, capturing at a fantastic 200mbit/s. This mode makes use of all-intra, in which every frame is captured and compressed in my view – in other phrases, the video is made of individual 1080p pics; interframe (ipb) uses intraframes at set periods, with intervening frames just recording the adjustments within the frames. We can not wait to get the camera in to find out if the higher bit fee makes any distinction over the 50mbit/s mode.

If you want to check 4k footage directly from the camera, it has an HDMI 1. Four output, which supports footage as much as 30fps – the dilemma of the camera’s capability.

Sd ush speed class 3 (u3) memory cards
High bit quotes and big record sizes would require reminiscence playing cards that are speedy enough, but Panasonic has this protected, too, with its SDXC and SDHC u.S.I cards. The gold series playing cards follow u.S.A.Speed magnificence 3 (u3), because of this they have a minimal write velocity of 240mbit/s (30mb/s). Peak speeds are better, with examine speeds of as much as 90mb/s and write speeds of up to 45mb/s, which means that copying documents to and from the memory card ought to be fantastic-quick.

XLR Dock 

Panasonic is making a push for the gh4 for use professionally, as it will sell a non-compulsory dock (the dmw-yagh interface unit for gh4) that attaches to the bottom of the digital camera. This adds dual xlr inputs, with an audio level display and +48v of phantom electricity for every channel. There is even expert time coding to be had and a good-sized HDMI port.
It additionally gives quad-link SDI for 4k video in 4:2:2 10-bit, and dual-link 4:2:2 10-bit 1080p video. Recording at 10-bit way that the digital camera cannot concurrently file to the memory card, though.

Still Images

Inside the camera hasn’t changed a whole lot, but there are enhancements. For starters, even though the resolution of the sensor hasn’t been upped from the preceding model’s sixteen.05-megapixels, it is a brand-new sensor. Panasonic claims the result is less noise and wider dynamic variety.


Photograph processing has also been elevated, with a quad-core CPU and a brand new venus engine image processor. Quite a few this improved processing is to address 4k video, however, it has a knock-on effect with nonetheless pictures, too. This we could the digicam shoot at 40fps (using the digital shutter), up from 20fps at the gh3. Iso sensitivity has also been extended, moving from a most of iso 12,800 to iso 25, six hundred.

Managing and Features
We’re pleased to mention that Panasonic hasn’t achieved tons to the construct satisfactory or dealing with the digital camera, leaving the gh3’s controls quite a great deal intact. The mode dial is a little chunkier on the gh4 and that bit less difficult to seize, but all the other controls continue to be equal.
It’s accurate to peer that the twin manage dials stay, so a maximum of the digital camera’s functions is best a finger away.
Build first-class remains splendid. As we stated in our authentic gh3 review, this digital camera seems a looks like a severe bit of package. It rivals the great DSLRs and fits extraordinarily easily within the arms.
The gh4 has an upgraded EVF. The OLED display screen has a decision of 2,539k dots, up from 1,744k dots on the gh3. Using it, we’ve got to mention that the new EVF is exceptional-sharp and it made composing shots extraordinarily smooth.

At the back, the OLED touchscreen has been upgraded from 614k dots to 1036k dots. That should make composing and viewing images that plenty less difficult. It is true to peer that the display is still an unfastened-perspective model so that you can unclip it and attitude it the way you want to shoot photographs from difficult angles.


At the time of writing, the Panasonic Lumix gh4 we noticed wasn’t going for walks final firmware, so it is hard to make any judgment about image quality. But, if the pleasant fits up to the impressive specs and, what looks like, extremely good 4k modes, the gh4 must be a real winner. No rate has been announced but, however, we might count on the new version to price around the same as the gh3 whilst it became launched. We’re going to replace you with greater data as we have it.


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