Whats up guys, today I have got something unexpected. This is a knock off, Fake Apple watch. Now obviously there is no real Apple watch yet But I guess based on the designs and the pictures They were able to create this replica And it actually works with Android Pretty interesting, came all the way from China and I’ve actually got an extra one over here.

So I don’t know i’ll probably give that away Uh just make sure your subscribed here on YouTube and then follow me on twitter as well I’ll put a link down in the description but anyways lets take a look at this knockoff Apple watch as you can see on the front here you have a music player built in, micro USB, notifications and handsfree comes in a number of different colors and on the back you just have some more product specifications so lets go ahead and open it up and the first thing you are greeted with is the actual fake Apple watch.

I’m going to go ahead and slide this baby out so there you have it you can see it has a sticker with the icons on the front as you’ve seen from the various Apple press photographs and it looks to have a slightly smaller screen with a slightly larger bezel, but otherwise you have a very similar design even with this little…knob…spinny…wheel on the side which is also clickable and then a power switch and OH, it actually works! it has some battery life WITH Chinese writing, not the most helpful for me its surprisingly snappy though, look at that. anyways what do you really expect here from a knock off Apple watch.

Lets see what it looks like mounted on my wrist because after all, Thats, thats the key factor here when your dealing with, a fake Apple watch, at least you can figure out what it looks like mounted up, because that might give you some insight into what the actual Apple watch is going to look like mounted up i’m on the second last notch here, on this watch band so there ya go that’s what it looks like mounted up, not too shabby actually.


I was worried that this design was going to look very dainty and small on my wrist but pretty good actually oh behavior is a little bit strange only works part of the time but I really gotta figure out how to change the language here settings oh man…. no… lets look at the other items inside the box here uh we have a charging cable here USB on one end and a little tiny power adapter on the other end thank you for choosing our AW08 devices you can read the manual, a comprehensive understanding of the use of the equipment infact with a taste of the function and simple method of operation the charge hole *laughing* it has a charge hole doesn’t keep out the hole while calling *laughing* aww these are comedy on there own but the fact that we have English instructions would lead me to believe that I can set this thing up for English so tell me how?

People thats not how to do it settings… Language! I did it! I did it! not sure how… but I have done it folks ok so I grabbed some other smart watches for size comparison and i’ve even got the old school iPod nano as a watch in a watch strap I don’t know if you guys remember this, but this is what people were doing before there was such thing as a smart watch so here it is up against the LG G-Watch R and as you can tell the G-Watch R is a little bit bigger a little bit thicker as well of course the quality on the G-Watch R is significantly better it is a finished.

Official product and not a knockoff here it is up against the original LG G-Watch now those are almost identical of course the Apple watch face FAKE Apple watch face is more of a square compared to more of a rectangle on the original G-Watch and in this case the Original G-Watch is a little bit slimmer than the knock-off Apple watch as you can see, i’ll flip them on the side so you can hopefully appreciate that there not the original iPod nano but the original iPod nano watch and comparatively there almost exactly the same! hmm…

Apple drawing some size inspiration from one of the iPod nano’s of course that’s gonna be quite a bit thicker and heftier because you got this crazy watchband around the actual nano so we have a pedometer we have bluetooth a dialer phonebook a notifier, music, messaging, anti-lost sometimes the buttons don’t register but when they do its snappier than I expected it to be you would assume that the wheel would work in these menus, which it doesn’t what is, what is it scrolling then?

LCD back light so your obviously looking at a very rudimentary smart watch here there’s no wireless charging, its not anywhere as fancy or refined as the actual Apple watch will eventually be so the watch face is adjustable by swiping right to left So if you wanna fool your friends scam your friends at school tell em’ you got the hot new Apple watch and wear this thing on your wrist just don’t let them actually look at it and examine it but you can be the cool kid in school for about five minutes.

Anyways so there you have it the knock-off or fake Apple watch before there’s even a real Apple watch on the market its actually quite amazing what there capable of, that the can manufacture these things before there’s an official product on the market but hey who knows they can get there hands on Diagrams or drawings or maybe they can just fabricate these things based on the pictures that are out there who really knows, anyway pretty cool as a collectors item probably not going to be wearing it everyday.


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