Plantronics RIG 700HD Review Ultra-Lightweight wireless gaming headset for PC

Plantronics RIG 700HD Review Ultra-Lightweight wireless gaming headset for PC is the famous gaming headset for PC which is used all over the world. After acquiring Polycom in 2018, Plantronics had the opportunity to dig up its old name a few months ago and rewrite it as “Polly.” Why do they change it? I think someone liked it. But, uh … Apparently, the people packaging this headset don’t get the memo: the box says it’s the Plantronics RIG 700HD, the follow-on (sorted) RIG 800 LX we reviewed a few years ago. . . A little durable, a little cheaper, and I call it a little better.


Plantronics RIG 700HD Review
Image Source – Google | Image by – Michael Aulia

Plantronics RIG 700HD Display Review

Plantronics rebuilt this time, adding 800LX ribbed plastic and shrinking. Despite much congestion behind the left ear, the resulting built-in controls are easy to find: volume wheel, game and chat levels, power button, micro-USB charging port, and another wheel to compare mute. Button, all in one ear. Up.

The chatmix wheel is especially welcome in the headset. This is a fairly common feature, like the Turtle Beach $ 150 Elite Atlas Aero today, but it’s still a premium touch on a fixed budget-friendly RIG 700HD. The ear wheel is very comfortable to have.

Plantronics RIG 700HD Beauty Review

And Plantronics has improved its temporary beauty over the years. The RIG 700HD has bumpy edges and looks around, they improve on the old 800LX, leaving the floating headband style for a more smooth band. The comfort difference is that the minimal RIG 700HD looks lightweight and leads to an elegant silhouette.

Plantronics RIG 700HD Feature

Going into the RIG 700HD this way, there are aspects that interest me in testing. I will say this: there is still a lot of noise problems for Complex Mix Plantronics. The RIG 700HD has not completely solved the problem, and songs like “Feel Alive” that I used to test the RIG 800LX are still thin by the RIG 700HD.

The last time I paid attention, he said he was at least convinced and had less distortion. It’s still not a powerful headset, but the RIG 700HD has more bass presence than its predecessor.

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Plantronics RIG 700HD Voice Review

And the mix still glows on the RIG 700HD. Striped-down songs like piano-and-voice tracks are hot mid-range and hot thanks to the open sound of the RIG line. The second is one of my favorite aspects of the RIG 800LX, which is the breadth of the stereo mix that hardens Hyperx’s best efforts.

Now, for the shortcomings of the RIG 700HD. First, Dolby Atmos’ support on the RIG 800LX has been removed for the RIG 700HD. Windows Sonic Surround, I think the license is low. Your opinion may change because this is one of the hot-button topics that audio people want to discuss, but I want to jump into the Plantronics Atmos license.


Image Source – Google | Image by – Michael Aulia

Plantronics RIG 700HD Conclusion

The RIM 700LD  uses a removable microphone instead of the flip-to-mute design found on the RIM 800LX. It’s a little sideways, but the RIG 700HD and its dongle are also heavy to use anywhere on the desk, thus rejecting the need for a removable microphone. Buttons are so small you don’t have to wear them and muting the microphone is more painful at the moment. The procedure placed on the lower part of the left ear is quite strange. The RIG 700HD is so light that pressing it changes the entire headset. Worst of all, Plantronics has implemented SideTone (the ability to hear your own voice through the mic) so that it doesn’t automatically turn off when you release the microphone. I have a consistent

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