Samsung Galaxy A81 Specification & Features

The Samsung Galaxy A81 is reportedly coming with an S Pen and I’ll be sharing all the details

so news is broken that the Galaxy a81 may be coming equipped with an S Pen and there’s actually a very logical reason for this that we’ll be covering shortly the news breaks after model numbers have been leaked for the Galaxy a81 which is listed as SM-AN815F

the model numbers generally denote what series the phone belongs to with the SM being at the S range the SM-N being the notes in the SM-A being the new a range given that this device is a mixture of the two it suggests there’s a bit of a merge this time round and it will have an S Pen the a range is becoming very popular in the mid-range devices in its predecessor the A80 had a swivel camera that proved very popular although the Galaxy a81 may be very different leaked information has already come forward that tells us we’ll get 128 gig native storage and last month someone already leaked the camera specs for pretty much the whole of the upcoming a range

the Galaxy a81 is reportedly coming with a 64 megapixel primary lens a 16 megapixel ultra wide a 12 megapixel telephoto with 2 or 5 times optical zoom and finally a time-of-flight depth sensor the Galaxy a81 is expected to come up with the Exynos nine eight ten and the Snapdragon 845 which is actually the same system-on-chip is the Galaxy S9 in the s nine plus and this should be paired up with six gigs of RAM


when it comes to the display it’s reportedly gonna be a six inch Super AMOLED display with a full HD plus resolution and a punch hole selfie camera battery capacity is expected to be around 3400 milliamp hours and it will of course come with Android 10 in the form of one UI now what’s most interesting about the Galaxy a81 is that it’s now looking like the device will be launched under different names in various markets and it may actually become the note 10 lite

we’ve been expecting a note 10 lite for some time and a recent Geekbench listing is revealed at the note 10 lite under the model number SM-N770 and it’s called a single core score of six six seven and a multi-core score of 2030 now this note 10 actually matches the reported specs of the galaxy a81 if we look at release date it also seems logical that this could be the same device the galaxy a 80 was launched in May 2019 so we expect the a81 in May 2020 and this will of course be the best time for the note 10 lite

we’ve got the s11 launching in February and the note 11 coming in August so a note 10 lite release in May it would boost their sales in between the two flagships so going by these most model numbers along with Samsung’s release schedule and the match specs it is looking like we’ve got one device that is launched is the galaxy a81 in some markets and the note 10 lite in others and provide us with a mid-range device in a note like form when it comes to the full design

we’re unsure at this time of what we’ll be receiving but it’s no doubt gonna be note like on the front with a punch hole selfie camera top center and it will of course have the s-pen but we’re unsure of the camera layout they’ll be taking on the rear given that Samsung seem to be moving to rectangular housing in the newer flagships and the new a range devices my money would be on the rectangular housing unfortunately that’s all the information we have so far

as always I’ll update you as we hear anything more

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