Technology 2020: 10 Coolest Motorcycles You May Not Have Heard Before

Some of the coolest motorcycle designs aren’t the ones you see everyday. Motorbikes have come a long way since the early days and while you may be familiar with most of the popular brands and models, there are some pretty impressive bikes roaming the open road. I’m Glenn, and today we’re bringing you some unique and eye-catching motorcycles you may not have heard of. Number Ten The Droog Moto DM-015 is another bike that looks like it could be pulled straight from a movie, this time one of the Mad Max series.

The knobby tires’ aggressive tread looks like it would be right at home in the middle of a desert wasteland. It has plenty of modern equipment though,like the multi-mode digital speedometer and intense LED headlight and taillight. The exposed engine and drive train give the bike a raw, powerful look. When you order one, the bike gets built to your specifications, including fitting the bike to the rider’s body with custom setups for the suspension and seat height. Number Nine The Honda NM4 touring bike is available in any color you want, as long as that color is black. But there’s a good reason for the limited choice of colors as the fluid design suits the dark tone perfectly.


The aerodynamic front-end bodywork flows into a low-slung seat and rear-end while the adjustable backrest lets you customize your posture and can flip down entirely to convert into a tandem passenger seat. A liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine hides beneath the NM4 bodywork, giving the bike a mysterious look. The engine provides plenty of power, whether you’re riding around town or down the open highway. Number Eight The Triumph Rocket 3 TFC has an unmistakable stance with the carbon fiber bodywork adding to the imposing silhouette.

The high-performance 3-header exhaust system provides a growl you can’t miss. The bike comes with carbon fiber body work and a unique two-tone paint scheme, as well as brushed foil and gold accents. The Rocket 3 TFC has a limited production run of only 750 bikes, each of which has a numbered badge and certificate signed by the company’s CEO. You also get a personalized TFC book that shows the build process for your bike. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below.

Number Seven The Norton Super light is a mid-size, street-legal bike that technically qualifies as a bonafide race bike. The Super light name comes from the use of carbon fiber and aluminum for most of the bike’s body panels, with the engine and other drive train components mostly hidden behind the cowling, adding to the streamlined look. The cowling also sports an intake port that pulls air from the pressure wave in front of the bike and force-delivers it to the induction system. Number Six The Jawa Perak is a bobber-style motor cycle that doesn’t take the bobber style quite that literally, having a shortened front fender and full rear fender for a better ride. This is another bike that’s only available in black, with a tan saddle-style seat for a bit of contrast. The single-cylinder engine provides 30 horse power so the Perak isn’t meant to be a speed demon.

That hasn’t seemed to hurt its popularity though as pre-orders have a five to six month delivery time. Number Five The Mutt Motorcycles Fat Sabbath 125 Bronzeis another dark design, with a blacked-out color scheme accented by a bronze-colored tank. The colors combine with the bike’s lower-slung design to give it a nice aggressive look. The bike also comes with chunky, extra-wide Twin-duro tires mounted on black spokes wheels to complete the look. The four-stroke engine is visible in the tube frame and the sound of the custom-built stainless steel exhaust lives up to the aggressive look of the rest of this bike. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time.

By looking at just these images, do you know what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below. Number Four The BMW R nine T Scrambler is a more traditional-looking motorcycle, albeit with an authentic scrambler design. The steel gas tank has a metallic matte finish to add to the minimalist look of the bike. The front suspension uses a telescopic fork with bellows protecting the hydraulics while the seat provides a relaxed, upright position for a comfortable ride, even on longer trips. The R nine T sports an opposed-twin engine with dual silencers that provide plenty of power along with an exciting soundtrack to your ride. Number Three The SR/F from Zero Motorcycles is another sport bike-inspired electric motorcycle.

The lithium-ion battery can reach a full charge in just under 1 1/2 hours having a range around 160 miles. The SR/F is one of the first “smart” motorcycles with Cypher III technology that gives you a customizable dash and an app for gathering critical information from your bike. The bike connects through cellular networks,sending feedback to the app about charging, ride information, bike status, and system updates. Number Two The Bandit9 L-Concept simultaneously looks like it could be from a futuristic sci-fi movie or a period film from the 1940s or 1950s. The exposed springs of the suspension and front shock absorbed are a throwback to early motorcycles while the polished stainless steel design and turbine engine look like something from another world.

The L-Concept’s uni body design combines the gas tank, seat, and cowl into a single body section for a unique but practical design. In fact, the suspended engine gets its inspiration from the reactor on Star Trek’s USS Enterprise while the upright handlebars give the motorcycle a  distinctive look that brings to mind the Imperial Speeder Bikes from Return of the Jedi. Number One The Leon hardt Gunbus 410 is the world’s largest production motorcycle, at 1,433 pounds and 11 feet long. The “410” in its name refers to the size of its engine – 410 cubic inches. That’s bigger than the engines in most cars so it’s no wonder the Gunbus is so big. The bike rolls on truck-sized tires too, with a 38-inch front and a 42-inch on the back. You can put the largest “normal” motorcycle next to the Gunbus and it will be dwarfed in comparison. The bike is made by hand in Leonhardt’s factory in Germany, having an over sized $350,000 price tag to match the rest of the bike.


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