Technology 2020: EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

I present the new outdoor camera ez bit 3 x the first of its kind with a lens system dual very innovative that will allow us night vision like never before we had seen hello my name is josé Manuel Ramírez and I welcome you more than keys the channel where we speak technology for all audiences indeed a super novel camera and also in case it was shortly gives us unlimited cloud storage of free of charge if you want to know what they are like all the details of this camera outdoor do not miss the video you Well.

Now that you have seen what that we will meet when the we get out of the box it’s time to talk about the main features and technical specifications of these new ez bill 3 x the main novelty that this camera has regarding its predecessor you also have a review here on the channel specifically the ago 3 w is that this time instead of have two foci to implement what is night vision which for me taste sang too much in this case have implemented a dual lens system that double lens is not only going to allow very good image quality but also enables us to see color night vision and this night vision color works as follows one of the two lenses captures.

What the brightness information of the environment while the other lens captures information about the color of the scene after the novel software of what zp does is merge those two images on the one hand the luminosity by other side color and create an image nocturnal in great detail as you previously commented this camera lacks foci for nocturnal but to accompany this double lens what it does have are some LEDs very powerful infrared but at the same time very discreet all this.

I am talking about in total darkness that is in the middle of the night without any external lighting gives us a 2 megapixel full hd resolution 1080p incorporates the h 2 65 codec that going to allow video resolution very good but very compressed with what which will take up very little space and also very light to transmit through the net this allows us a great continuous recording 24 hours a day 7 days of the week and we can do it from three different ways.


The first and most novelty is that this model ds3 none of the previous ones had it incorporates the free and limited cloud recording this we could from the application activate said recording in the cloud and images captured by the camera are going to be obviously encrypted upload for talk our privacy and it will save us a lot of money and also having to use other external storage in addition to free unlimited storage in the cloud to this ez bit camera you can incorporate a microsd card that would go placed inside a lid to the that we access by removing the two screws that protect a card microsd up to 256 megabytes of capacity.

Where we could store up to a month of image continues recording in that case would be looped ie always recording the latest and erasing the previous ones automatically by course in both cases we could access the recordings through the mobile phone app like Anabel and mother and last but not least a third way to store the images captured by this camera 3x and it is for example with a nas server thanks to the rtsp protocol, that is, a protocol that allows transmission in real time video we could use for example the surveillance system of our nas cradle server for this camera model as a camera generic and be able to store and take advantage the space that we have in our nas server disks if we have other eset aviv camera models.

We could build ourselves a system video surveillance very complete and very professional if we talk about recording this camera incorporates an intelligence system artificial that allows to distinguish between vehicles and people detecting vehicles is very useful because for example this camera a practical use would be putting it in a parking lot private so that when from this if a car emits an alarm to inform the person that you are accessing an unauthorized site we can establish it through the application either with the entire image or with a full area of ​​the image that’s taking the camera or even a very thing cool.

For example: when crossing a line that we do in the application of the mobile phone then when detecting movement what the camera does is make a fairly ordinary sound slogans and lines that will take care and in addition it also starts flashing dyn at scopic state whereupon this is able to perfectly guide the friends of the genres right in the instant when they detect movement we will get a notification to mobile phone which is also I have tried it immediately and there is no no delay and along with that mobile phone notification.

Let’s be able to see a preview of what happened be a person be a car etcetera and one thing that I loved is that we can customize these notifications recording our own voice so for example commented previously we can apply to a person who is entering an area restricted and we can tell you about our own voice before continuing to tell you that I am Many of you who watch my videos without being subscribed and it’s for a subscription yours would help me a lot to continue growing up here on the canal and bringing reviews of this type for you like this that nothing now would be a very good time to press the subscribe button and now if we continue with the video and of course this is a camera that is fine built the body is metallic and also meets the standard this means that of course.

We can be an outdoor camera have placed anywhere outside from home and is able to resist the sun extreme rain and snow cold to any climatic agent that pay good and already other functions interesting and no less important for example the live view we we can see live from the mobile phone application which is what what’s happening on camera and if for example we had more than one camera etc we could be seeing them too simultaneously through a few squares into which it will be divided the mobile phone screen if in a given moment we want information about one of them just by tapping on it we would be selecting the camera corresponding has audio bidirectional meaning thanks to speaker and microphone you have integrated.

We could use the mobile phone to communicate with the person who is right at camera side and not only can we do through the wifi but we can also do it if we are away from home whereupon in a moment given we can send a message or talk without costing us money and in a very fast we can see the record history from the application and in this case to have storage service free in the cloud practically unlimited that is we could be watching days and days and days for in a given moment to be able to locate some movement or something we want see choosing diaz and choosing now It is also very well implemented from the application from the application itself we can zoom in on the image that is viewing the camera a digital zoom of up to 8 increases if we enlarge too much no it would look great but in that case would serve to give us an idea of ​​some concrete detail of the image we can assemble and disassemble a set of cameras simultaneously instead of having what to do one by one in each camera and this is very useful.

For example: for when we leave home in a moment given we activate all the cameras that we have and they would all start recording once and finally this camera is compatible with alexa with which if we have an eco show 5 speaker that integrates digital display us we could indicate alexa that we will display the image you are viewing the echo chamber show me c3 x street okay and this is a plus since if in a given moment we don’t have on hand our mobile phone we could access the camera vision without any problems good things that I liked is that apart from everything I have told camera quality build image quality and very good mobile phone app I.

I really liked that you have a rj45 Ethernet connection port for connect it directly to our router wired instead of wifi things I didn’t like the cable current is too short we will have than inventing an installation in the Exterior somehow put some plug or something and I didn’t like this I thought that it was going to be solved with the support for that is to say for feeding through ethernet cable but no camera also has no power supply with which we can’t use an injector to give current that is depends solely and exclusively from the port of current and the adapter it brings is well and the million dollar question recommend or not recommend it by man this is not a camera maybe for all audiences but yes if we want a professional camera.

if we want a quality camera and with a not too high price is highly recommended for example for small and medium businesses for watch what the outside of it it would be fantastic or for example if we have patios or we have parcels surfaces we need them to be watched is a very good option possibly of the best quotes we have on the market as always I will leave you in the notes of the video the purchase links in case you want to do it in a nothing more I to I like the video I like it and subscribe to the channel by checking the little bell so when there’s a new video you get a notification to mobile phone and see you in the next video until then greetings you

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