Technology 2020: TOP 5 Best Canon Camera Must Be Read

Are you looking for the best canon camera? we will surely tell about top canon cameras in the market. Before we get started with our detailing the best canon camera, we have the Canon EOS Rebel SL2. Look, if you have been hearing good things about Dual Pixel AF. and want it in an affordable DSLR camera, then Rebel SL2 would be your best bet.

Period! Starting off with the body of the camera,it is considerably small as compared to other DSLRs in the market, the same as the RebelT7i. And its considerably lightweight too. Weighing at just around 1lb (453 grams), the Rebel SL2 is perfectly suitable for vlogging. Now its not as light as a point and shoot camera, but its not too heavy either.

The design of the camera is like any other Canon camera. Standard design with standard control buttons,a 3-inch touchscreen vary angle LCD, oh and the camera also has flash on top. The build quality is all plastic with some leather covering. The leather covering along with the compact design makes handling even better.

Talking about the sensor, you get a 24.2 MPCMOS APS C sensor with the Rebel SL2. Now the main difference between a Full frame sensor and APS C sensor is the aspect ratio, APS C takes a little cropped pictures as compared to Full-frame but there is no difference in the quality. There is a myth that Full-frame sensors are better than the APS C sensor. It actually depends on the need of the user.


Most of the DSLR and Mirror less cameras have now started coming with the APS C sensor in them. Read more about APS C Sensors This sensor in Rebel Sl2 helps in capturing FHD 1080P videos at 60 fps. The videos and pictures taken are sharp and come with dynamic colors. Combining it with the AF system that comes along, every shot becomes a treat to look at.

Talking about the AF system in Rebel Sl2,the camera has 9 point AF system for recording videos and taking stills with great auto focus. Along with that the camera also has dual pixel auto focus that is insanely fast when recording moving objects. You can simply put the DPAF at work by touching on the display, and object tracking from there would be done automatically.

For wireless sharing, the camera comes equipped with all the technology. It has Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth that would work with most of the ios, android, mac, and Windows devices. The camera also supports the Canon connect app. At number 2 we have the Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II. This is not the first time that G7X Mark II has been featured in our videos. Apart from the G7X Mark II, canon also has G9X Mark II which is an excellent camera but has few differences as compared to G7X.

G9X comes with 3X optical zoom, while theG7X comes with 4.2X optical zoom. G9X also doesn’t have an articulating touch LCD, while the G7X has that. But G9X is also quite cheaper as compared to G7X. The camera features one of the latest canon processor, Digic 7.

Now we already have Digic 8 in the market which offers a significant improvement over Digic 7, but Digic 7 is good too. It offers faster image processing and helps you capture up to 8 frames per second in burst mode. Talking about the design and build quality of this camera, since its a point and shoot camera its very compact. You can easily hold it one hand and operate it.

This is the actual main reason why the Power Shot G7X is so popular among the vloggers. Its compactness makes it easy to hold in one hand and record vlogs. And since it comes with 180 degrees rotatable 3.0-inc LCD display, you can always monitor your vlogs in real-time. The camera is mainly built of sturdy plastic with leather covering on few parts which give it an ergonomic grip.

This makes sure that the camera doesn’t easily slip out of your hands. Talking about the technical functionalities,the G7X Mark II comes equipped with a 1-inch 20.1 MP CMOS Sensor with wide range shooting capability. With it, you can shoot up to 1080P HD video sat 60 frames per second, unfortunately, the camera is not capable of recording 4K videos.

For focus, the camera comes with TTL auto focus and manual focus. The manual focus could be set by just touching on the LCD, automatic focus, on the other hand, is quite accurate in most of the case,but sometimes is not fast enough in low-lighting conditions. Personally, our most favourite thing about this camera is its capability to shoot up to 8 frames per second at continuous shooting.

Now, this could be very helpful for those who are looking to record some fast action sports with the camera. Sharing content with this camera is a very easy experience. The camera comes with Wi-Fi and NFC for seamless pairing and transferring of data wirelessly. So now you won’t have to plug in your camera via USB to your PC/laptop to transfer your videos or images. At number 3 we have the Canon EOS REBEL T7i.

If you have ever used any DSLR in the past,you will immediately notice the size difference here. Along with the compactness, the build quality of the camera is good too. Its mainly plastic with a decent amount of leather covering providing a grip for better hold. Other than that the camera body also has buttons and rotatory dial that are easy to locate. The camera also comes with a 3-inch touch LCD that articulates.

Ever since the users have started recording vlogs an articulating display has become a must. It helps you see what the camera is capturing in real-time. This touch screen could be also be used to set up focus manually by simply touching on the object where you want the focus to be. It can also be used to play with the settings,and basically do everything you do with buttons. For wireless connectivity, T7i offers quite options.

You get built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. Using any of the connectivity option you can transfer files directly from the camera to your mobile phone/ laptop/tablet. Talking about the picture quality and auto focus,you won’t be disappointed at all. The 24.2 MP CMOS sensor combined with a 45 point cross-type auto focus does absolute magic.

Dual pixel auto focus is new in Rebel series but has already been featured in high-end cameras like EOS 80D, 70D etc, and is one the greatest auto focus technology. The camera can record up to 1080P videos at 60fps with great color accuracy. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see 4K video recording in this one too but that’s ok since we are already getting too much at this price point. It was actually very surprising to see canon including its Dual Pixel AF technology in its lower segment DSLR cameras.

You can get up to 6 frames per second while shooting in a burst which is more than enough for anyone who is looking to record fast-actions ports or some wildlife too. Auto focus also works quite fine. And for our final pick at number 4 we have the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Starting Off with the body of the camera,its well built and heavy. The body is built up of sturdy plastic with leather covering on some parts for better handling. The body has all the usual controls that you get to see in any Canon camera.

So if you are coming from any Canon camera,you won’t even have to look at the manual. The camera offers 7fps at continuous shooting which would be more than enough for any fast-action sports or wildlife, but for the price that we are paying for this camera, we could have got better fps in the burst mode. Some of the cameras on this list like Canon G7X Mark II offer 8fps at continuous shooting and come at a much lower price.

The 5D Mark IV comes with a 30.4 MP Full-frame CMOS sensor that helps you record 1080p FHD videos at 60fps and 4K videos at 30fps or 24fps. At 30fps the camera records DCI standard 4K video. The 1080P videos that the camera produces are amazingly color accurate with perfect saturation. Talking about the best feature of the 5D Mark IV, the Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus.

Well this was not our first-time trying the DUAl Pixel AF, we have already used it in Canon EOS 80D, 70D, and Rebel T7i, and we are a big fan of that. Dual Pixel AF makes the focus tracking smoothly while creating movies or taking stills. It is canon’s in-house technology that helps in capturing and retaining the focus even when the subject is moving.

The camera also has 61 AF points that are well spread across the sensor and detects the objects seamlessly. Along with that you also get 41 all cross-type AF points for even better performance. The one thing that might hurt some of the users is the LCD display of the camera. Although it’s touchscreen display is one of the best displays we have ever seen, it doesn’t articulate. Now depending upon how you are going to use this camera this could be disappointing.

Looking at the weight of the camera, we are pretty sure that you won’t use it for vlogging, so the fixed display shouldn’t be much of an issue. For wireless seamless file transfer, the camera comes with both Wi-Fi and NFC. You can also download the Canon connect mobile app to directly upload the files to your social media sites. Along with this, the camera also comes with GPS installed so that you can automatically tag the image with location data.

Last but not least, the camera performs perfectly in low-lighting conditions. With ISO expandable up to 102400, you will get perfect shots even in the darkest of places. So that sums up the top canon cameras. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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