Xiaomi Mi 10: Release date, rumours and specs

The xiaomi mi 10 is coming next week and I’m gonna be sharing all the details

so the xiaomi mi 10 is causing a lot of excitement and we’ve had plenty of news roll in ahead of its release on the 13th of February which is of course next week now the release date hasn’t actually been confirmed yet but it was basically hinted by micron micron posted to confirm that the meet ends gonna be coming up with ddr5 memory and they also announced they’d be selecting five fans to receive a 100 yuan to help with the purchase of a meet n in their post they actually specified the date of February 13th making fans think that this is of course gonna be official release we were also advise of this in a previous league by xiaomishka who claimed the device wouldn’t be launched in an offline event due to the corona virus

it’s expected that the online reservations are going to begin on the 10th of February with the unveiling and the release being the 13th Xiaomi product director Wang Tang has also confirmed that all variants of the mi 10 are going to be equipped with the latest ddr5 ram the me 10 is actually going to be the first phone using ddr5 memory the low-power ddr5 memory offers a transfer rate of 6.4 gigabits per second and that’s twice as fast as ddr4 or consuming 20% less power it is thought however that with the samsung galaxy s20 that’s going to be releasing shortly afterwards it’s still gonna outperform the mi 10 in the memory tests

we’ve already had plenty of live photos leaked along with the packaging for the xiaomi mi 10 so I thought I’d run through all of the specs for you guys we of course have the xiaomi mi 10 and the xiaomi mi 10 Pro if we start with the cheaper model what the xiaomi mi 10 the xiaomi mi 10 is expected to come up with a six point four inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 it’s reportedly gonna be faster than 60 Hertz but at this point we’re unsure if that’s going to be 90 or 120 earlier on there was a leaked back from an online store claiming a six point five seven inch display but it does
appear that this was incorrect


the xiaomi mi 10 is reportedly going to have a punch hole 32 megapixel wide-angle camera and given that there’s no fingerprint scanner to be seen and we’re expecting an in display scanner the front of the xiaomi mi 10 will of course be protected at by Gorilla Glass 6 on the rear of the xiaomi mi 10 that we get a quad camera setup in this consists of a 64 megapixel Sony imx686 this is coupled with the 20 a 12 and a 5 megapixel sensor although exact configurations are still unknown

when it comes to the hardware in thexiaomi mi 10 it’s gonna be using the latest snapdragon 865 we’re unsure at this time though if the standard mi 10 is going to come with the ex 55 modem to allow for 5g capabilities the xiaomi mi 10 is gonna come with a choice of eight or twelve gigs of ram and a choice of 128 or 256 storage and it will of course be running Android 10 the meet ends can be powered by a 4500 milliamp hour battery was support for 40 watt fast charging using wires an incredible 30 watt fast wireless charge leaks have stated that the me tend to be starting around 330 pounds

so that’s four hundred and twenty seven dollars in the USA and a great bit of hardware for the cost next up we’ve got the xiaomi mi 10 Pro the mi 10 Pro is of course the premium model of the range and while it’s similar in many ways it does have some improvements it should be sporting the same OLED display on the front but it’s thought that

it’s thought that the Xiaomi 10 may only be 90 Hertz whereas the mi 10 Pro will be a hundred and twenty it’s gonna be the same six point four inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 by 2314 and it’s gonna be protected up by Gorilla Glass 6 with an in display fingerprint scanner there are rumors of a dual punch hole selfie camera with a 32 megapixel wide-angle and an 8 megapixel depth sensor

when it comes to the rear of the xiaomi mi 10 Pro what we again have a quad camera set up but we have improved sensors being used for the xiaomi mi 10 Pro we’ve got 108 megapixel primary shooter along with a 48 12 and 8 megapixel camera again the exact camera configurations have not yet been confirmed the mi 10 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 865 and it also comes with the x 55 modem meaning we do get 5g connectivity we get 12 gigs of ram and you get a choice of 128 256 or 512 gigabyte storage

the meetin Pro is also powered by a 4500 milliamp hour battery but on the pro we get 66 watt fast wireless charging and a 40 watt Wireless charge according to a recent league there are people claiming that the battery of the mi 10 Pro is going to be five thousand two hundred and fifty milliamp hours but there’s no source to back these up and it seems unlikely considering the phone is the same size as the cheaper model the xiaomi mi 10 pro is expected to start at 410 pounds which is about five hundred and thirty dollars in the US so again it’s not a bad price a tool for the specs that we’re seeing of course as any more information comes to light for either of these phones I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away

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